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nutrition support

struggling with nutrition? we've got you!

nutrition essentials

small group nutrition coaching

We're making nutrition education more accessible!


This 3-week program will cover:

  • WEEK 1: Build a Better Breakfast, Protein: Total, Timing, Type

  • WEEK 2: Intro to menu planning, label reading, grocery shopping

  • WEEK 3: Meal Composition: goal specific, nutrition surrounding workouts, troubleshooting and next steps

what you'll receive:

  • 90-minute, in-person small group session

  • 15-minute weekly virtual one-on-one check-in (3 in total)

  • Access to the 'Level Nutrition Chat' for Q&A and nutrition tips

  • Actionable professional nutrition advice

  • 2 InBody body composition scans with results sheet review

  • 1-week meal plan consisting of lunch from Athlete's Kitchen (OPTIONAL AD-ON)


  • $180 - LEVEL members

  • $120 - Optional meal plan ad-on

  • $180 $162 - 10% discounted Personal Training clients price

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