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Mango shantea kombucha has been our most popular and best selling kombucha from day one. This is likely because it is carefully created with a combination of high quality, organic green and black teas, mango puree, and mango juice, under the close and loving eye of yours truly.


a match made in heaven

Lavender Mint shantea kombucha perfectly blends the natural flavours of lavender and mint into this aromatic kombucha that has proven to be a favourite among shantea kombucha customers.




Our Ginger Lemon kombucha is made with real, fresh organic ginger juice and organic ginger tea making it a potent gut healing elixir. Not only do the naturally occurring enzymes aid with digestion but the ginger also helps soothe upset stomachs, reduces nausea, fights the flu and common cold.



baby scoby to

my baby

I started shantea kombucha out of my love for this delicious fermented beverage. I was always fascinated with the idea of kombucha being a living beverage with active cultures that were good for my gut. After seeing my first baby scoby in a bottle of kombucha, I had to look into it further. I was drinking kombucha very regularly at this point so I decided I'd try to make my own. I took one of those baby scobys and decided to grow my own scoby mother. Within a couple months I was making more kombucha than I could consume alone so I started sharing it with family and friends. 


shantea kombucha

is sold at the following locAtions:

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modo yoga brampton


modo yoga square one

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kula yoga Oakville

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